Workers On Call Offers $10,000 in Freelancing Help to Fix

Today Workers On Call announces a $10,000 offer of free technical support to the Obamacare website. CEO Graham Silbermann says "This has been a fiasco for too long. If their team can't fix this perhaps our freelancing professionals can!" By now everyone knows that has been the biggest public web bungle in history and a much discredited project is rapidly descending into chaos while retribution and blame turn into subpoena and public disgrace. Some of the biggest players in tech are now rushing in to find a fix. So what can this small Bay Area freelance market place do to help?

CTO, Ted Coombs thinks many things can be done. "We have excellent programmers, web developers and just a bunch of hard working talent that would love to help get their site done. After all, this is just another website and we know all about those! We want to do what we can in a small way to stop this national embarrassment." The founders are offering a $10,000 credit to any work the government contracts through the site to fix While Workers On Call is normally for small and medium businesses who are growing and doing online development their founders feel confident that even the government could using a helping hand.

"At this point, it couldn't hurt! Laughs Silbermann. "We hope someone will reach out to us and seek our assistance. Until then, we will do what we do best, help businesses hire freelancers fast."

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